Fukuoka. for meeting up with great Chinese photographer Ying Tang.she is my early contact(around 2007) on flickr. if she came alone, Flickr may be one of, kind of on line matching service site but she was with her German husband, Chris. 
it was very nice night with nice friends at place of yatai. then i went to a soul music bar alone.
next day, rainy day, i missed free breakfast due to hangover. 
checking inn out, i picked up broken abandonted umbrella on street and walk around till time that a very very old udon noodle diner open.
starving. taking goboten udon and inari-sushi, i found singing black guy’s oil painting portrait displayed on dark brown pillar. Ortis Redding? why here? but this unskillful but funky dynamic, like old african art , was matching well to this dimly tidy old diner. all i heard in this silent place were just other’s slurp and sound of light rain fall tapping on the ground.

福岡。もうフリッカーで知り合ってもう10年近くなる上海出身の写真家Ying Tangと会う。もし彼女がドイツ人のだんなさんクリスと一緒でなければflickrは出会い系サイトの一種といってもよかろうばい。大名の魚末で飲み屋台で焼きラーメン。その後オレは一人でClipsというソウルバーへ行った。ええ夜であった。


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